Welcome to Against the Flow!

Against the Flow is a semiweekly podcast that will post to iTunes every Sunday and Wednesday.  Episodes will address current issues in the news, religion, geopolitics and world affairs.  Your hosts are Shawn White and Dr. RC Metcalf.  Our focus in the first few months will be to bring you engaging and informative interviews with individuals who can shed light on the events of our world.  While this is an election year and for some that will be their primary focus, there is much to follow worldwide that ultimately affects us here in America.  We should all hope and pray that our elected officials are as enlightened on these issues as our listeners will be.

We intend to address specific topics in detail, as “series,” so it will be especially beneficial for our listeners to Subscribe to the podcast via iTunes.  Our goal is to present discussions on issues in a logical sequence that will allow our listeners’ knowledge of the topic to build and grow from episode to episode.

We may not complete a series of episodes without interruption.  Some individual podcasts, with timely information, though off-topic from the series, will often be interspersed within a series as it is being published.  For this reason, it will be important to understand our numbering system.  Individual podcasts will be listed as 000, 001, 002…  Podcasts that are a part of a series will include a hyphen, such as 1-01, 1-02,…, 2-01, 2-02,…, 3-01, 3-02, 3-03, 3-04…  We look forward to bringing you another source of information that may lead you closer to really grasping the truth about the world we all share.

I believe I should clarify one thing before we begin.  We don’t actually broadcast the program live.  We record it for broadcast in the “almost live” near future.  And… we don’t actually take incoming calls at this point, though we hope to in the future.  So… in the sense that you may expect us to be “Live!” we may not actually be.  But… I hereby attest to the fact that both of us, and all of our guests, actually ARE breathing, drinking, eating and yes, truly alive!

Please feel free to communicate with us via our web site.  If you have particular comments about an episode, we’d greatly value your input.  If you have someone in mind you’d like to recommend we have as a guest, please don’t hesitate to let us know.  If there are topics you have particular questions about, please share them with us!  Follow the podcast to receive notifications when information is posted to this blog.  We look forward to getting to know you as we reach the world together…

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